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A Mobius curve is a single closed curve. It has only one plane. If you draw a line around the the curve you will discover that you travel on both the "outside" and "inside" yet meet your starting place. The Mobius curve where place and time turns back on itself again. Here in a painting by M. C. Escher we see ants traveling on a Mobius curve: 

An endless ring-shaped band usually has two distinct surfaces, one inside and one outside. Yet on this strip nine red ants crawl after each other and travel the front side as well as the reverse side. Therefore the strip has only one surface.



In making a Mobius curve, you take a long thin rectangular piece of paper, give one of the narrow ends a 180 degree twist and glue or tape the ends together. What happens when you cut a mobius band all around its length? This is so much fun that you *must* try this yourself. But the result get just one band of paper, not two, amazingly enough.


Why use a Mobius curve as a logo? Because to me it is reminiscent of life before enlightenment (or psychological growth) endlessly traveling in unseen circles repeating patterns; and likewise represents the mystery of life ever enfolding on itself.



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