Patrick B. McGinnis, PhD, LMHC

Psychotherapy, Sex Therapy, Couple's Counseling, Addictions Counseling, Psychological & Psychosexual Assessment and Polygraph Testing



These modalities comprise Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy:

A dramatic combination of traditional hypnosis, NLP and Ericksonian techniques, together with TA and Gestalt approaches, Hypno-Behavioral Therapy and cathartic energy work.


Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is effective with:
bulletEmotional dysfunctions
bulletStress and anxiety management
bulletGrief and loss work
bulletRelationship or Birth issues
bulletRespiratory problems
bulletSomatic complaints
bulletTrauma or PTSD
bulletFamily of Origin Issues
bulletAddictions recovery
bulletEmotional release
bulletWeight and body issues
bulletDissociative Disorders
bulletHealth and healing
bulletChronic tension
bulletFears and phobias


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