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Couples Counseling


Couples counseling usually involves Imago Therapy or Sex Therapy (or a combination of both).


Approximately 50% of all marriages in this country end in divorce.  20%-30% of couple’s in all marriages describe their relationship as being "somewhat dissatisfying" to "miserable."  Ineffective communication is the primary problem which these relationships share.  Other common problems are power, finances, and sex.  Without good communication, these and other problems are almost impossible to resolve.


The key is having a conscious relationship. Most couple's therapists focus on what is wrong in relationships, and try to help couples communicate better; but they do not teach concrete techniques which you can use now and in the future to correct your problems when you are not in the therapist's office. I teach real tools that will help you to save your relationship, and co-create the relationship you both desire. You can create the most satisfying relationship you have ever had. 


Some of the things you will learn are:



Techniques You Can Use to Improve Communication in Your Relationship



The Hidden Purpose in Your Relationship and How It Can Help You Get What You Want



How to Restructure Frustrations and Get Your Needs Met in a Way that is Satisfying for Both of You.



How to Deal with Conflict (Even Rage) Effectively



Love Myths and How to Recreate Romance and Fun in Your Relationship


Homework (mostly practice tools) is assigned each week. Couples who commit to completing these activities to get maximum benefit from the experience. Couples counseling is generally short-term; many couples may complete in as few as 6 - 12 sessions. The time needed to learn the tools and significantly heal the issue that brought them to seek help.


Many times couples come to learn the tools before they get married; more often, couples may seek help only after suffering years of relationship pain. Too often they seek help too late (after one partner has secretly resolved to exit the relationship - and is "going through the motions"). If therapy is working, you should begin to experience positive change in your relationship with a few sessions. If you do not, ask yourself and y our partner what is happening that is blocking progress being made - you may be wasting your time and money if one of you is uncommitted.


Here is a quick test for your relationship: Test for the Necessity of Couples Therapy (Open and print)

This is a test for those who are considering marriage: To Marry or not to Marry that is the Question

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